Hey 👋 Elías here from YesDuet!

I am a passionate drone pilot based in Costa Rica, and proud creator of @YesDuet  | Dronero en Vuelo.

YesDuet is a group flight team that helps drone pilots get the most out of their aircraft.

At YesDuet we love flying over the world at a height of 120 meters, and I have the feeling that you are also passionate about flying these aircrafts, however it is not always as easy to maneuver these devices as easily as some pilots do.

If you are starting out your path in this world, we can help you in the following ways:

  • Give you the necessary knowledge so you can fly safely and confidently.
  • Show you the limits and capabilities of your drone so that you are not going to lose your aircraft in a difficult flight.
  • Teach you different flight maneuvers that you can use depending on the flight field you have available.
  • Help you develop the skills and techniques that will allow you to maneuver future solo flights.
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