Hey guys what’s up!

Receive a big hug from the YesDuet team, and from the bottom of our hearts we wish you an amazing 2021 full of glory and absolutely filled with fun days.

Now that’s pretty much the only motivational sentence you guys will find in this post.

So I wanna start the year on the right foot, just like every one of us.It’s only natural that we tend to feel more energy these days, we’re super excited about the new year, however the holiday season is pretty much coming to an end, and all it’s left right now it’s either the headache from partying hard or the very well known new year’s resolutions.

I think the new year’s resolutions will really fuck you up and the reason I believe so is… these bullet points that you write down somewhere or even just try to hold em in your memories are kind of a ritual that most of the time ends up on just that, a piece of paper with your deepest desires written on it that you get to loose and never keep track of.Now this isn’t just me lying, check this trick out.

I bet you one big all fat of the best jervis drummond (comment if you don’t know what it is) that if you do have a new year’s resolutions list, one of the points in the list is to go to the gym.And in fact! don’t believe me just watch.


It freaking makes sense, of course it gets to February and instead of people working out and shit, the place is empty and there’s youtubers trying to capture paranormal activity and shit.

And hey I’m not saying you should feel guilty or anything but, if for example you were feeling super powerful while you were writing your list and you were like “I will go to the gym monday 2 friday and do a full workout of 2 hours” go figure you couldn’t keep up.

And you know that’s when the worst happens I think, because now you have one or two items in the list that you are not really getting done as you promised yourself, and then your mind kind of understands that it’s not really you the problem, but maybe the fact that the bar was set too high or just the environment variables that made you fail.

So my advice to you disciplined cabronas and cabrones is.

Don’t plan for the year, measure your little steps and grow from there, make it realistic so you can actually have that sense of achievement that completely fills you up with energy and now you are ready to re-plan your list with bigger tasks for next week, or month.

When it’s March, then you may wanna start planning for the next trimester and now you are ready because you have 3 full months of building self discipline. [the most important]

Then in June you wanna start writing your 6 straight months resolution’s list. And so On.So, to wrap this up like a nice burrito.

  1. Don’t write a year resolution list, do a First Week Resolution List and grow from there.
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  3. Don’t set the bar too high, it could really make your future me have a bad time.


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