Hey there 👋 Elías here from YesDuet!

I am a passionate drone pilot based in Costa Rica, and proud creator of @YesDuet  | Dronero en Vuelo.

YesDuet is a flight team that helps drone pilots get the most amazing shot during your visit to #THECOSTARICANJUNGLE.

Drone Tours in Costa Rica

I love to fly over the #THECOSTARICANJUNGLE at 400ft height, and I have the feeling that you will too. 

However you don’t always know where the best landscapes are or where is it safe to take off, what the rules or restrictions are near your area, where it might be dangerous or not to launch your aircraft and I’m here to help you with all this information.

If you are about to come to #CostaRica, better start planning now so you can get the best out of your drone and your trip.

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